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Rambouillet Château Gardens Half Day Tour

chateau gardens custom ptivate tour image by Average Price Per Person › Includes Bike Rentals, Bike Gear, Credit Card Payment Fees, Local Transport Costs, Taxes, Fresh Bakery Baguette, Free Monuments & Museums Visits, Bottled Water, A Fun Tour Guide..)

1 Person: €170/adult, €99/youth

2 Persons: €115/adult, €79/youth

3 Persons: €85/adult, €59/youth

4+ Persons: €69/adult, €39/youth

Prices Youth Age < 20 Years Old


2 Persons: 1 Adult + 1 Youths: 115 + 79 = €194

5 Persons: 1 Adult + 4 Youths: 69 + (39x4) = €225

Rambouillet Château Gardens Tour Includes ›

  • Flexible starting times and finsihing times.
  • Duration for a half day château gardens tour is 3+ hours.
  • A pause at a village bakery for a fresh baguette experience.
  • A pause at unique free monuments, museums, churches.
  • 1 hour easy bike ride around the Château's Royal Gardens.
  • 1 hour easy bike ride through the enchanted National Forest of Rambouillet.
  • Optional Meet up & Pick up including your Paris hotel, Paris train station.
  • Optional interior visit of the château before or after the tour begins or ends.

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