Map Region of Rambouillet

Paris' Regional National Forest of Rambouillet and Nature Reserve Park

MAP Meeting Points

Cheese Picnic by the Lake

We meet here in Rambouillet at our train station's front courtyard next to the ticket office.

Express trains departing hourly from Paris to the far away countryside first make a quick stop in both Versailles and then Rambouillet before carrying on to places like Chartres and or Le Mans.

This quick stop takes 12 minutes to Versailles and 19 minutes more to Rambouillet before travelling onwards to Chartres and or beyond.

If coming to Rambouillet by train from Paris then you are departing from the Gare Paris-Montparnasse, this station is a big bus / métro / train station and has Paris' tallest building in front of it.

Follow signs to the Grandes Lignes (the big train lines) and then follow departure screens for trains departing around or near platform 20.

Validate your ticket and then climb on board your train to Versailles / Rambouillet / Chartres and or beyond.

Do NOT take a slow train that terminates in Rambouillet, make sure it carrys on to Chartres and or beyond.

For your day's travel, you will either need an all Day Mobilis ticket OR an all Weekly Navigo card charded & loaded for 1-5 Zones.


MAP Weekly Navigo Pass

Arriving from Paris with a Navigo Card

Navigo Card

The Navigo card is called "La carte Navigo Découverte" and is available to the general public.

You need a simple I.D. photo which can be printed on regular paper.

You also need to buy the card for € 5.00 euros and is valid for 10 years.

You must validate your Navigo card each and every time you enter any form of public transport including trains to Rambouillet!

MAP Daily Mobilis Ticket

Arriving from Paris with a 5 Zones Mobilis Ticket



All Mobilis tickets, regardless of zones, need to be dated for day of use and also signed with user's first name and last name clearly printed.

These daily tickets can be bought in advance and then can be signed & dated on day of use.

You must validate your Mobilis ticket each and every time you enter any form of public transport including trains to Rambouillet!

The ticket validation for the trains is located on the platforms at the beginning of the train.

The validation machine punches a hole in one corner of the ticket.

Save and use this ticket all day until 11:59 PM midnight when it expires.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Where do we meet?

Your Hotel

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My Train Station

The choice is yours, costs & conditions vary depending on which tour you select.

For example, the Paris Discovery Tour obviously begins where you wish and its cost is included in the price.

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